Meeting Minutes December 2009


Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 1 December 2009

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250

1.         Open Executive Meeting:

The Executive Meeting was opened at 8:15 pm.


2.         Attendance:

John McCausland (Commodore), Claye Mace, Pete Sebbage, Gavin Bye, Jonathan Knox, Peter Lee


3.         Apologies:



4.         Minutes of last meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed as being a true and accurate record of that meeting.

Moved:              Peter Sebbage

Seconded:        Claye Mace


5.         Business arising from previous minutes:


  • EPIRB Proposal submitted by Peter Sebbage was reviewed. The Executive agreed to the purchase of the GME Accusat Pocket Pro+ MT410G model as outlined in the proposal for a cost of $549.00.  Peter will include the purchase in the grant submission, but the purchase will proceed regardless of the outcome of the grant.

       Moved:   Jonathan Knox

       Seconded:        John McCausland

       All in favour.

  •  Peter Sebbage confirmed that banking arrangements agreed at the last meeting have been finalised.
  •  Rationalisation of Club boats was discussed.. It was agreed that one Laser, one Dancer and two other boats plus paddles would be sold.  The additional two boats would be chosen at the discretion of John McCausland and Peter Lee.

Jonathan Knox would prepare a grant submission for the purchase of one 8.1 Nomad and one 8.5 Nomad.  The decision to purchase will be reviewed if the grant application is not successful.  If the grant application is successful, Jonathan Knox will arrange the purchase..

       Moved:              Peter Sebbage

       Seconded:        John McCausland

       All in favour.

  • A proposal for what constitutes an official club event for short notice trips was discussed. The Executive agreed that the Club will recognise trips in addition to those included on the official calendar.  In order to meet the requirement for events to be documented, Club trips that are organised at short notice (ie, those that are weather dependent) must be included on the Club’s flash internet site stating it is a club trip and two club members must be named as organisers.  Organisers of officially recognised Club trips are to phone any other member who has expressed interest in a paddle on the flash site.

       Moved:              Gavin Bye

       Seconded:        Claye Mace

       All in favour.

  •  Meeting Venue: Carried forward


6.         Correspondence In:

Brochure from “Leave No Wake”.


7.         Correspondence Out:



8.         Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s Report was received and expenses as outlined were adopted by the committee (refer Treasurer’s report for more detail).

Moved:              Pete Sebbage

Seconded:        Gavin Bye


9.         Bosun/Hire Report:

No report as there has not been any hire activity


10.      Canoe Polo Report:

Canoe polo boats have all been brought up to scratch with footrests etc.

All canoe polo boats will be stored at Claye Mace’s house until the roster starts, then they will be stored at the aquatic centre.


11.      General Business:

  • Claye Mace has spoken to Bruce Baxter at Paddle Sports Australia regarding repairs to the Club incepts. Repairs are ongoing.
  • Australia Post keyholders form has been completed and returned. Current keyholders are John McCausland, Claye Mace and Peter Sebbage.
  •  A thank you was received from organisers of the Wild Water World Cup and Catract Extreme race to everyone who volunteered their assistance at the event.
  •  The Executive discussed the recording of incidents. It was agreed that the Club follow the Australian Canoeing directive that members keep a paddling log as a way of recording any incidents or injuries.  Gavin Bye will put a link on the Club website to the relevant Australian Canoeing form.


12.      Close Executive Meeting

The Executive Meeting was closed at 9:10 pm.

13.      Open General Meeting:

The General Meeting was opened at 9:15 pm.


14.      Summary of Club Executive Meeting:

John McCausland gave a summary of the Executive Meeting.


15.      General Business:



16.      Close Club General Meeting:

The Club General Meeting was closed at 9:20 pm.


17.      Time and Location of Next Executive and General Meeting:

There will not be a Club meeting in January.  1st Tuesday in February 7:30 pm (Executive), 8:00 pm (General).  Cock & Bull British Pub, Wellington Street, Launceston


Next social meeting – first Tuesday in March, 8:00 pm.