Meeting Minutes November 2009


Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 3 November 2009

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250

1.         Open Executive Meeting:

The Executive Meeting was opened at 9:00 pm.


2.         Attendance:

John McCausland (Commodore), Claye Mace, Pete Sebbage, Gavin Bye, Jonathan Knox


3.         Apologies:



4.         Minutes of last meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed as being a true and accurate record of that meeting.

Moved:              John McCausland

Seconded:        Claye Mace


5.         Business arising from previous minutes:


  • Meeting Venue: Carried forward


6.         Correspondence In:

Request for assistance for World Wild Water Cup received from Australian Canoeing.  Dave Chaim will organise on behalf of TCC.


7.         Correspondence Out:



8.         Treasurer’s Report:



9.         Bosun/Hire Report:



10.      Canoe Polo Report:



11.      General Business:

  • The Executive nominated the following people to be cheque signatories on the Club’s bank account:

Peter Sebbage

John McCausland

Claye Mace

Gavin Bye


Peter Sebbage will complete relevant paperwork and provide to the bank.


  • The proposal to purchase new boats was carried forward to the next meeting.


  • The proposal for purchase of EPIRBs and safety equipment was carried forward to the next meeting and will be included as part of the grant application for new boats.


  • Gavin Bye tabled a proposal for the Club calendar and trip reports (attached). The Executive agreed that the proposal be adopted.

Moved:            Peter Sebbage

Seconded:     Jonathan Knox


  • Claye Mace and Gavin Bye will prepare a proposal on what constitutes an official club trip in relation to white water trips that are planned at short notice. Notification to be via the Club’s flash site.


12.      Close Executive Meeting

The Executive Meeting was closed at 9:25 pm.


13.      Time and Location of Next Executive and General Meeting:

1st Tuesday in December, 7:30 pm (Executive), 8:00 pm (General).  Cock & Bull British Pub, Wellington Street, Launceston




Planning the calendar to be removed from the minuted bi-monthly club meetings.

Planning the calendar is to occur following Club General Meetings and During Club Social meetings.

Club Commodore is to have responsibility for documenting trips and events on the TCC website calendar and for promoting upcoming events in any other way they feel appropriate.


Trip Reports


Trip reports to be removed from the from the minuted bi-monthly club meetings.

Trip reports to be shared following Club General Meetings and During Club Social meetings.

To encourage more extensive trip reports it is proposed that authors of quality written trip reports will be entitled to a beverage at one of the meetings compliments of the club.

A brief summary of trips discussed but without a written report will be documented by the Club Secretary.

Club Secretary is to have responsible for collecting and posting trip reports to the TCC Web Site. Over time the trip report section of the website should build to be a useful resource.

A perpetually trophy will be awarded annually for the best trip report. Winner to be decided by the Club Executive.