2017 Roster

Roster starts: 7-10 pm, Wed 3rd May to Wed 27th September. (excluding 12th and 19th July) It will be a 20 week roster.

Roster fees:

$200 paid by Wednesday 12 May or
$120 paid by 12 May and another $120 paid by 21 June

Student / junior
$140 paid by Wednesday 12 May or
$85 paid by 12 May and another $85 paid by 21 June.

Gear Hire (if you don’t have your own)

$40 paid by Wednesday 12 May or
$20 paid by 12 May and another $20 paid by 21 June.

All players must be Australian Canoeing affiliated club members.

Club membersip: Snr $50; Jnr $30. Covers till 30 June 2018. No pro-rata. Here for more details.

Competition Rules

First two teams are responsible for set up of goals etc, last two teams responsible for pack up.

Game time starts at stated time, if your team is not ready then you will lose game time.

When a team member is unable to play a game, the substitute must be of the same skill level.


If a team only has 3 team members on the pool then the team must forfeit.  Team members must be listed on this sheet.

If a team forfeits, then the other team will automatically be awarded a win and a goal score of 7 to 0.

If a team wins it will be awarded 3 points.

If a team loses it will be awarded 0 points.

If a team has a draw it will be awarded 1 point.

Teams can use substitute players and the goals scored by the substitute player will contribute to the team score.

Goals scored by substitute players will not be recorded against the individual person’s goal tally.


A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Jon Purtell Adam Rolls Scott Godwin Simon Barnes Sean Oliver
Oscar Purtell Mark Hassell Dave Hugo Leigh Webb Claye Mace
Yann Barratt Geoff McQueen Daniel Barratt Liz Hickman Phil Barratt
Dave Chiam Chris Jacobs Richard Pearson James Caspar Bill Williams
Jack Long Lachie MacFarlane Jack Bower Alec Wilson Gordon Smith
Nate Hinton Rose Tisely  Martina Wyss


B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 
Richard Pearson Phil Barratt Simon Barnes Leigh Webb Adam Rolls Scott Godwin Jon Purtell
Scotch Grammar  Macpac         
Alex Pearson Millie Legge Geoff Stock Roger Butorac Dylan Walker Amanda Chong Jenny Purtell
David Hodson Sarah Cook Rob Bastic Andy Hodson Jonathan Clarke Phil Wadley Angus Purtell
Patrick Munnings Henry Cook Morgan Harding Lachlan Webber Rebecca Clarke Beth Wadley Ashleigh Hugo
Jean-Marie Els Ryder Jamson Deri Guinane Joel Thio Grace Gardner Jason Smith Roley McCausland
Josh Van Eldick Will Evans Annabel Hunter Jeanette Koay Mark Turner Tom Senyard
Lisa Loubser


The roster won’t format properly on the website, it is on the following pfd. Polo Roster 2017


Competition Ladder available here.