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Mamba 8.6 creeker plus spraydeck for sale, in Launceston area. Haven't lived in Tasmania for years, and it looks less and less likely that I'll ever use it again. Used quite a few times, but no cracks. Including the spraydeck, $1,200 ONO. ... See MoreSee Less

Hold tight, I organise a beginners trip on Sunday (Platypus run? Meander bridge downstream? Corra Linn to St. Leonard?) ... See MoreSee Less

For those that don't want to spend a bucket load of cash on their paddling gear.
I'd call it mid range quality at low end price. I've been using a cag and pfd and I'm quite impressed..
Just so you all know I am not financially connected to the manufacturer, importer or any dealer. The importer just asked me to trial it and give my thoughts. Generally I think gear is ridiculously expensive and hate spending way too much for it. Hiko is more to my liking, quite reasonably priced. For acceptable quality gear.
Have a look you might be surprised what's on offer.
Contact Capacity Sports in Victoria if interested.

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Polo night, Pool practise. Great opportunity to try your rolls. The video captured what happens under the water, what you don't see is the right arm crosses in front of the body as it comes out of the water and swings/throws out wide to maintain momentum. Beginners often get half way up and teeter on the edge, the arm throw fixes this. As a note, I would like to be laying flatter on the back deck, I'm just not as flexible as I would like...(at the moment)
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