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How's this for planning?
Tuesday arvo Longford play wave session at 430pm.
Meet at Longford boat ramp. Yes have to paddle down to the weir. If the level maintains.
Who's interested?
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I thought I would put up the same request from another paddling group discussion
Here it is.

A couple of us have been talking about Face Book groups like this one and how Facebook tells us who have been looking at each posts. The lists of viewers appears to be in the same order all the time

Is FaceBook BSing us?

If you read this can you respond with a "yes" to indicate yes you do keep up with all/most of the notifications?

If you would go to the trouble of indicating if your a
-How often you paddle
-How many kayaks/skis you have
-The types of boats you have (ie flat water racers, cruisers, white water kayaks etc)
-What type of paddling do you enjoy
Then we might be able to accommodate more activities around more people.
Thanks 😃
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Any interest in a Nesk on Saturday morning, say 10am at the fish farm Corra Lynn? Currently 1.7m BOM ... See MoreSee Less

Thinking of a Perth waves session at 4:30 today or could be talked into a nesk run ... See MoreSee Less

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