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Meeting Minutes Sept 2017

TCC-Meeting Minutes 2017-09-05 - Exec - signed

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I hear that the Hadspen Lions Park is a great place to cool down on a hot day. As luck would have it, the Paddle 'n' Ski Hadspen race series is on there tonight racing from 630. ... See MoreSee Less


Here’s a few highlights from the Exec Committee meeting last week…

Firstly let me say… It’s not what the Committee does or doesn’t do when it meets every couple of months that matters. It’s what everyone does in between times. So a big THANK YOU to everyone who has chipped in and is continuing to chip into running:
• Canoe polo
• North Esk Paddle Fest
• Hadspen Races
• Casual and not-so-casual river and not-so-river trips posted on this Facebook page.
• Anything else I have forgotten to mention

It’s volunteers that keep the world running.

The purpose of the Exec Committee is mainly to make sure the Club complies with the requirements of being an incorporated club. In so doing we all get such benefits as:
• Injury insurance
• Grants
• Clout with various bodies such as Councils, Parks & Wildlife, Hydro Tasmania, Sustainable Timber Tasmania and sponsors such as Paddle n Ski and Cromarty.

So there are $ to be counted and minutes to be written. The less time spent on these the better. And the more time spent facilitating others to run, and participate in, paddling stuff the better.

• The Club trailer is now roadworthy, thanks to the efforts of Jonathan K with assistance from David H.
• We are negotiating with Hydro and other bodies regarding twice yearly water releases into the Gorge. Thanks David H.
• The modified format of Canoe polo (one long round rather than two shorter rounds, no finals and pay up front or in two installments) worked well for most. Thanks Simon, David H, Adam R and everyone else.
• The Club made another surplus last financial year. Thanks Simon.
• Most of the canoe polo and creeking kit we purchased with assistance from the Sport and Rec grant has arrived and is in use. Thanks Claye
• The Derby River Derby was well attended by Club members, both as participants and providing on-river assistance.
• The Hadspen race season has started again. Thanks Adam R.

Paddle with care (if not safely).
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To the club boat custodians - who has the Wavehopper DR boat? Our long lost Singapore mate DJ is returning to Tassie for a visit and wants to paddle in the Hadspen race on the 12 Dec. Can we provide him with a boat/paddle? ... See MoreSee Less

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